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Before Labor
  • Two prenatal consultations to clarify your needs and desires for birth, define expectations of one another, and provide you with useful tools for labor and birth
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support to answer your questions and offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy and early labor
  • Access to Paige’s lending library of books and DVDs about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care
  • Discussion of her availability around the time of your due date, and the names of one or more reliable back-up doula(s) with whom you can also become acquainted. The back-up doula(s) will be available when she is not.
During Labor
  • Early labor phone contact for information and to decide where and when to meet
  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner throughout active labor and birth
  • Paige will help your partner by offering reassurance, assistance, suggestions, and information.
  • She will act as a liaison between you and the staff, if it seems appropriate or necessary.
After Birth
  • Breastfeeding support immediately following birth to help your baby latch on properly
  • Phone/e-mail contact as needed and desired to answer questions about breastfeeding, newborn care, and/or to provide emotional support
  • Two postpartum visits within 4 weeks

Becoming a new parent is probably the most exciting and joyous time of your life. But it can also be the most challenging. Unfortunately, there is very little support and education for new parents. As a postpartum doula, Paige is there to ease your transition into your new roles as parents. She remains non-judgmental and respectful of your family’s values and choices around parenting. Her role changes constantly from family to family and from hour to hour, but some of the ways she offers support are the following:

  • Assist with breastfeeding
  • Keep mom fed and hydrated
  • Show family members how to “mother the mother”
  • Hold or feed the baby while mom gets rest or plays with older children
  • Show parents how to bathe and dress the baby, or do this myself at parents’ request
  • Suggest ways that both parents can bond with baby
    Plan and prepare meals
  • Assist in household organization
  • Answer parents’ questions about newborn care, breastfeeding, parenting, etc.
  • Make suggestions for referrals and resources
  • Listen to parents’ concerns and fears

Postpartum packages are sold in 4-hour increments, with an 8-hour minimum.

Overnights are available as well, and can be purchased separately if needed. Typically, the hours are from 10pm to 7am.

Gift certificates available!

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