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Client Testimonials

“Paige was essential to the success of my birth. From early labor to active labor, pushing and postpartum, Paige’s advice and suggestions have been indispensable. I would highly recommend Paige as a doula to any mother.”
– Allison, first-time mom, Choreographer, Austin, Texas

“[Paige] was an incredible asset to the birth. I would ask her to help me again in a heartbeat. Good Observer. Very attentive to both parents. A joy to be with.”
– GB Khalsa, Certified Professional Midwife, Austin, Texas

“Without her energy, it wouldn’t have been the same experience for me, Peter, Jude and Lalita. She gets high marks for her composure and intense focus!”
– Varshna, third-time mom, Austin, Texas

“Paige helped me have a wonderful, natural childbirth experience, exactly the experience that I wanted. She was supportive throughout Anya's birth - holding my hand, making me comfortable, and liaising with doctors. Thank you, Paige for giving me beautiful memories of Anya entering this world.”
– Stephanie, first-time mom, Bangalore, India

“After having my first child in England, where natural childbirth is strongly encouraged and promoted, I was apprehensive about having my second child in India but I was lucky to find Paige. Having her at the birth of my daughter Lola was nothing less than a godsend. Paige is an angel - her kind words and unwavering support were a lifeline to me during and after the birth. Paige is dedicated to helping achieve the best outcome for mother and baby and she is truly talented at what she does.”
– Halle, second-time mom, Bangalore, India

“Paige gave us the confidence to negotiate the aspects of birth and made us realise that giving birth is a natural and wonderful experience. It was our first pregnancy and birth. Paige not only gave us the information, but also the right attitude to welcome our son into the world. We cannot thank her enough for her support. In the confusing and overwhelming world of giving birth, Paige was a fabulous guide who saw us through. Excuse the pun, but she was born to be a doula! If you have the opportunity to be with Paige, grab it!”
– Carol, first-time mom, Bangalore, India

“I called Paige the night I went into labor.  She arrived at my house equipped with her beautiful smile, a jug of her famous "labor aide" and other thoughtful odds and ends.  Throughout labor and delivery Paige was a quiet, strong support.  She remained gentle and calm at all times.  Her respect for my husband and me was paramount and she knew just how to stay on the sidelines while continuously keeping an eye on my needs and our plan.  She even took some photos and video at our request.  Paige brought a peaceful and encouraging presence to our delivery experience.”
– Lacy, fifth-time mom, Bangalore, India

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